Spartan University is the philosophy, science and art of personal development combined with a fail proof system of network marketing, together these two have the power to transform you into a successful professional of our industry. The Spartan System takes the guess work out of building a successful organization and instead presents you with the proven Spartan Success System and shows you exactly how to grow your finances and get on the path to real health and happiness.
With Spartan University you don’t need a formal degree or prior experience. All you need is a burning desire to see your life change in a positive way. The Spartan system of education, community and inspiration is exactly what Dr. Luis and Evelia developed and used to grow their own network marketing organization from only seven distributors to over one hundred thousand in just three years. The Spartan Success System provides you with a roadmap of what to do daily, how to build distributors on your team, how to connect with prospects and ultimately an effective way to lead, inspire and duplicate.