Welcome to Spartan University

In these pages you will find a comprehensive system to building your network marketing business and to unleashing your greatness. For 20 years, Dr. Luis & Evelia Arriaza have practiced, developed and refined the skills needed to be an effective network marketing professional and have created duplication in thousands of others.

Spartan University is a place where you will be empowered and taught the skills to believe that you can achieve a life of complete fulfillment and abundance. A place where achieving your dreams is no longer just a possibility but a reality. No matter what has happened to you in your past, God has a plan for your life and it doesn’t involve living mediocre in any sense of the word.

However, until you accept that deserve to be happy, healthy, economically stable and free to spend your time as you wish; you will never realize your full potential, it’s a leader shift not a profession shift.

Jim Rohn said “If you work on your work, you will make a living. If you work on yourself, you will create a fortune”. Dr. Luis and Evelia are strong believers in these words; they believe in them and they live them. At Spartan University they will will not only teach you the skills needed to become a professional of network marketing but they will also more importantly, aide you in developing you! Living a life of purpose is what God destined for all of us.

You may be thinking, if it’s so simple, why doesn’t everyone quit their day job, stop living paycheck to paycheck and start pursuing a life of independence through network marketing? The answer is simple, while many people have the desire for a better life, not everyone finds the on-the-ground guidance they need to get them on the path to where they want to be… we all need a mentor. Whether living out your greatness seems a distant dream or whether you are already on path, Spartan University will propel you!

Last year, over 100 million people entered the network marketing industry. Most tried it and never came back and of the people who temporality stuck with it, many of them didn’t last for the long haul. We believe the biggest reason is because most people have not been taught a system of duplication and success. Every other industry has a formal system of education and training that allows one to greatly increase the chances of success. There is a lot of potential for greatness in network marketing but there is very little guidance. This is where Spartan University fills that void.

Spartan University is the philosophy, science and art of personal development combined with a fail proof system of network marketing, together these two have the power to transform you into a successful professional of our industry. The Spartan System takes the guess work out of building a successful organization and instead presents you with the proven Spartan Success System and shows you exactly how to grow your finances and get on the path to real health and happiness.
With Spartan University you don’t need a formal degree or prior experience. All you need is a burning desire to see your life change in a positive way. The Spartan system of education, community and inspiration is exactly what Dr. Luis and Evelia developed and used to grow their own network marketing organization from only seven distributors to over one hundred thousand in just three years. The Spartan Success System provides you with a roadmap of what to do daily, how to build distributors on your team, how to connect with prospects and ultimately an effective way to lead, inspire and duplicate.