Dr. Luis and Evelia Arriaza are a true testimony to the american dream. They both grew up poor in the worst neighborhoods of Southern California, South Central and East Los Angeles. They are the children of hard-working immigrant parents, who always managed to provide for their families but not without difficulty.

They were married in 1997, a couple of years after Dr. Luis received his chiropractic doctorate and one month after Evelia received her degree in applied management from Azusa Pacific University. Together, they built a successful chain of chiropractic centers and earned a very good living that by most standards, would have been deemed a resounding success. They became millionaires three years into their chiropractic business, which in turn lead them to training other chiropractic professionals.

Health professionals were eager to learn the Arriaza’s chiropractic system of creating successful health centers. A year into holding chiropractic seminars, Dr. Luis and Evelia realized that while following a system can predicate successful outcomes, it does not predict personal and professional fulfillment. This realization lead them to forming a personal development company named Soul2Soul8, where they began teaching systems and personal development to professionals of many industries, including the State of California Welfare to Work program.

In 2001 they were blessed with their first son, Fabian. Due the demands of their growing businesses, they weren’t spending the desired time with their son or aging parents. They found themselves with no time to travel, volunteer or contribute outside of business matters. Shortly after, the Arriaza’s were introduced to the amazing industry of network marketing. Prior to this time, they had never heard the term much less understood the power of the industry. They fell in love with the time freedom and with the concept that in order for them to do well financially, they had to help others do well first.

They approached network marketing as a profession and sought to find a mentor that could teach them a system. The Arriaza’s eventually sold their clinics and became full time network marketers. In 2010 they formulated a liver detox system that has helped tens of thousands of people. It wasn’t long before this revolutionary product and their experience in network marketing gave them the opportunity to align with a giant of the industry, where they built the fastest growing and largest team in the company.

The Arriaza’s combined experience in developing business systems along with their ability to mentor and lead people has evolved into the Arriaza’s founding the ADIO transformative life systems.

Dr. Luis and Evelia reside in Southern California, have been married 26 years, have three boys Luis Fabian, Isaiah Julian and Elisha Adrian. Family is everything to the Arriaza’s and they consider caring for their elderly parents, one of their greatest blessings. They love, live and enjoy life while helping others do the same.