"When the promise is clear,
the price is easy."



Welcome to A-D-I-O Living

Living ABOVE DOWN INSIDE OUT is a philosophy and way of living Dr. Arriaza has practiced for over 30 years. It’s not new or a trend, it is a way of Life based on a principle filled philosophy.

In the ADIO way of living, truths originate from Above. These truths in their original state are perfect for the individual, however, as the message travels Down it enters the “filter” in other words, the mind.  Most messages are distorted because of the limitations the filter holds, as most often the mind is conditioned with scarcity and mere survival. This distorted message spreads from the Inside of the individual and Out to the world.  Unfortunately this distorted message will usually produce a life and lifestyle far less valuable than that the individual originally desired.

If a person wants to thrive and reach fulfillment in his or her life, he or she must clear and clean the filter. It is an intentional journey that requires reprogramming our minds and hearts, this is where our real life work begins. With a clear filter progressive and purpose-filled truths will carry out their work and produce success and fulfillment in the life of the individual.


“You were meant to be successful and significant but you can’t do it alone, we are proof of that. Through our faith in God, our own ambition and the help of others we have maintained aligned with our purpose. Now, we want to do the same for you…welcome to the Spartan System!